Thursday, December 21, 2006

continued...from post below...the lights just flickered and i thought i'd lost that whole piece! whew! so this woman talked of collapsing onto the floor and going to the hospital when she was told of her son's successful exam money, she with positive testing...desperately in need for her son, for school fees, uniform and exercise books..all of which will cost $65. US..where can she get this kind of money? it never ends..never..I help out, and also to Mwajabu a few days before, I pushed $10,000 shillings into her hand, so hopelessly did i feel her situation....only to have her return the next day for more money....Digna asked "where did you put the money yesterday, it is a lot, what did you do with it!"...well, it was explained, that when a young girl gets her first menstral period, she stays in her house until it finishes, and then in new clothing and shoes she reenters the world as a is a very important passage here...Well, Mwajabu's daughter had gotten her period, and had stayed inside the house for the last three months! She couldn't come out, couldn't go to school, couldn't be with her friends, because they had no money for new clothing and, the $10,000 I had given her yesterday, went towards the girl and her ritual coming out...not for nutricious food desperately needed for Mwajabu and the rest of her is never enough.whatever we give, it is never enough, ever...if we give for food, there is soap needed, rent, school fees, money may not be the answer to improvingthelives of so many..we discussed sustainable donations..
WE thought of organizing a family or a group of people with a few chickens, (raising eggs and more chickens)...or goats for the milk and more goats....this way a project could be started which with their working at it, would grow..much better than a few dollars here and there, spent today and gone tomorrow...

Also, there are no candle makers up in Handeni....does anyone out there know how to make candles? there are bees here, therefore honey and wax, but candles have to be brought in from Dar es Salaam...six hours away..what a great thought to have people make their own and sell them as a small business..these are the kinds of things which are more important, for the to become self sufficient....

It is raining hard out there....wish me luck tomorrow in a tent with raging wind and rain, celebrating xmas with a glass of wine or two and thinking so much of all of you...hugs, the best to you..will be back on this machine on the 27th..have a great day....xxme..

PS...the Bible i was bringing for the Masai...Moses and Isaic wanted very badly a Masai bible, not the one published in Nairobi .which they didn't trust.Theywanted one published in Canada...well anything coming out of Canada wouldn't be in Swahili...for we settled with something published anywhere BUT Nairobi, Digna and I toRC church in Handeni and bought one published in Italy, I was so excited to present it to them Monday...but alas they were no where to be found....I'll be working in Mtwambu all January near Arusha, where Isaic comes from, so the hunt continues.... well...

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Sonia said...

Merry Christmas -Salutations Lynn!
As you celebrate this very different kind of Christmas it reminds me that -- just last year I too was on safari celebrating the holidays - As I read your stories I realize just how much I miss it and how much I admire the work your doing. Bless you.
If there is a way to put together a program there that would create self sustaining employment - helping to feed and educate families -- you can count me in. --Weather it be goats or candles - or loans to help finance women in business
- I am interested to help spearhead such a venture in conjunction with joint African support -if you are willing to help me explore the requirements to set up such an endeavor.
Lynn when you are on safari enjoying and drinking in the healing solitude - as you are out on the savanna surrounded by nothing - but, you - the gentle yet savage majesty of the animals - and the spirit and harmony of the land
Drink in this abundance and peace be yours.
Blessings & Shalom