Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Seanna and Sierra, age 7 are coming over on March break to visit me, and to work in the Blessed Comfort orphanage a few blocks from where we will be staying. Last year there were ten little kids there, aged 3-7...we bought them clothing, sheets, towels, had a dining room table and benches made, toys....they had nothing, absolutely nothing, except two old mattresses, one for the boys one for the girls, to sleep on, lined up one by one next to each other across the length of the bed....toys..------ I wrote the director a month ago about our coming....


Forwarded Message
From: Judica Abraham
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2008 22:37:58 -0800 (PST)
To: "lynnconnell@sympatico.ca"

Dear lynn.how are you?hoping fine,we are fine also.sory for delaying answer your email but this is due to reasonable reasons. About the plans of our building,we have alread brought the piece of land ,building materials which you will hapen to see the but they are not get to the site due to securty reasons.
About the issue of taking children will also be very happy.
For now children need building even though we have not maneged to do so.
We have 35 children and their ages for boys are from 4yrs to 12yrs.we have 22boys and 13girls.
Thank you very much.may the lord bless you .
Feel welcome and hope see you safe back to afrika
best regards

I'll be at the orphanage on Saturday...will keep you posted!
The sheets are in the washer, the bath full..it's 5am, am flying over to Johnnie's for one last visit with the twins in an hour, and ready to go! Talk soon!


chris said...

never got to say goodbye but look forward to springtime hellos...safe travels...and bravo...youre great! chris

Anonymous said...

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old programer said...

I have been told that Judica Mbise was killed in a car accident in October of 2010 and he was replaced by Andrew Joshua Nnko.