Sunday, March 30, 2008

SPONSORSHIP! Orphanage children sponsorship, from primary through secondary school...

Thank you to everyone who has written to ask the details about sponsoring one of these great here we go!! hopefully, for your information...

Of the 17 kids who are living full time in the Orphanage, we have 6 going to school already, PRIMARY SCHOOL: compulsory and government paid in Tanzania for every child beginning from age 6 or 7 and continuing for 7 years .
Costs yearly, include school fees, uniforms, books and shoes, costing approximately $50. US a year.In addition, primary school children living at the orphanage need assistance with food, medical and basic costs of living, clothing, $250. year. TOTAL: $300. per year,plus Western Union and Tanz banking costs of $50.
GRAND TOTAL: for Primary school aged children: $350 per year.
Your donation of $350. per year for 7 years is better realized with one payment, because Western Union transference costs are high. I am working through ICA CANADA, and ICA TANZANIA; We have agreed that all payments will be deposited into a seperate bank account in Tanzania, and monies will be dispersed four times a year to the Orphanage, with receipts for payment received detailing school costs, uniforms, food etc. These receipts will be mailed or scanned by computer and sent back to you.
Each year, in December, you will be asked to send again the following year's $350. donation for your child, which will cover the year to come.

SECONDARY SCHOOL: WE are hoping that sponsors will commit also to following through the 4 years of boarding in a government Secondary School if an when your child passes examination requirements to continue their education. Secondary school in Tanzania is not paid for by the government.
Costs: $400. per child. which includes school fees, uniforms, shoes, books,medical, food, bed, desk, chair, transportation, accommodation costs. Western Union and bank cost.

I have yet to work out how we can receive tax receipts for our donations. Bear with me! when i get back to Canada i can work on that issue.

Have to run!
so far 9 people have expressed serious committed interest in working with this project; i have great photos of each child, plus a detailed description of their short lives until now, their family, history,health and personalities...i will be putting all of this together when i get home next week...!
big thanks!!

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