Friday, October 20, 2006

5 oclock in the morning Dutch time..up all night since sometime last night with Water for Elephant by Sara Gruen,upside down with time. Memories of leaving, great dinner with Seanna, Ted, Sierra..curled up sleeping last time I saw her, the babies, Johnny, Shauna..and David Buwalda from ICA assuring mine that all would be wonderful these next four months, at the airport, LIndsey and I and almost Johnny crying like fools, all of us looking so hard at each other like the Von Trapp Family I said to the South of England guy behind me looking forward to going, almost missed my flight - the hour lineup at security, racing down the running ramp,the KLM hostess running alongside, hurry, hurry, 15 minutes to go and they close the gate in 5, of course we make it, like the flat on my back tire blows they day before, first time, gets fixed, the gas stove at the River House leaks causing my tenant hospital overnight on oxygen, hot water spewing through Art Retreat pantry wall, sticking my finger through the gypsum, easy, and Gary there in a minute, plumber, Jean, and I take off, a last dinner with Geoff, are you leaving Canada or are you going to Africa, both I say. Both.
I'm on a PC in Dutch. Just hit something, and alas thought I'd lost this, enough to send me back to bed tossing..
Where was I? Gawd I hope I am not boring you to death.
Don't have my email addresses here, otherwise might try to write you individually.
Where was I?

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