Saturday, October 21, 2006

Where was I?
Oh my gawd. Toronto airport..2 big bags bursting - too much stuff, too heavy. 28 packages of felt markers, Sharpies, 50 guache paddies of paint, overweight, paper..too much bug spray, shampoo, cremes, stuff..had to buy another bag, pay extra -LIndsey John and I all over the floor, repacking. Stressed.And I haven't left Canada!

Flying fast flight across..Amsterdam, 7am yesterday, Merit Dutch sister big welcome -Dominiques for eggs and creme cheese and lox and great glass studio and an orange round couch - European design, nothing better, I want to take it home..deep orange walls with turquoise trim and on to Merit and Hans full-of-art house,Ophmert. I haven't been here in 10 years since Bali and Douglas Walton and learning how first to draw, - no longer the cow house, once painted like a Holstein with black splotches on white stuccco, now deep yellow with...

Going back to bed, pics later - wish you were here to see this Merit and Hans magnificence covered in Casey McGlynn - full walls of Casey, a caravan of Casey - Casey everywhere..on the table Hans wooden sculptures, big smooth voluptuous, sensuous, you want to hold them, put them on your lap, touch them.He's created a wall of glass windows, some old, some new, some stained, rippled, clear, floor to ceiling, pics later in the light, brilliant.
Merit's studio bursting with work, on every surface, inside Hans made cupboards, so changed since we did Casey in Brooklyn 05..layers and layer of ink, paint, coffee, splashed, she's great with pattern, repeats colour, humour, sister Merit, since 1979 and Findhorn, so..lucky to be here with them, a haven of old friends,Dutch rum with coke, talking, politics, Iraq, Afghanistan,George Bush,friends, art and Zimbabwe and gorgeous Harare filled with flowers..I go tonight!

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