Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Good morning, Zimbabwe, just like good morning America, the movie.. remember..somewhat boyed by the US election results, it is all over the papers here, cnn...such an anti-US bias everywhere you go, to whomever you speak...the general consent around Saddam is the US hypocrasy, having backed him in all his past genocides which now send him to the hanging galley...enough about politics, something you speak quietly here about...enough, it is a gorgeous morning, the purple blossoms have almost fallen on red soil mixed with pieces of straw to keep the dust down, changing now into stunning deep red coral blossomed trees bursting out all over Harare, their branches canopied over wide paved roads..while I am here, they drive on the "other" side of the road and fast..the problem for me is crossing, i am always looking to the left, when the cars come full tilt upon you from the right...
Meeting with artists again today travelling by car which is a treat to some town 30 ks from here..ancient old, i am told with cave carvings, will report later.. Tuesday was magic. five of us, travelling in and out of Harare central to a stone cutter factory, where Bernard my newest best friend has friends there...beautiful work, but no where to sell it, and no one to sell it to. There are no tourists here, none. \No commerce, no economy, little passing of money...there is a black market which keeps thing thriving, everyone seems to use it. there are differences of opinion varying widely about government, people do talk, argue, exciting for me. At a place called Hatfield, we walked for about a mile to a reknown sculpture's home and studio. His work was haunting, amazing. of mythical animals/man huge, made of wood and metal, found materials...he sells in the states and \israel...tried to check out his website but couldn't get through \:
\maybe you can get it...very interesting..
|I am told they are shutting me off now in a minutes, so goodbye, have a great day..will write soon...couldn't get through to sympatico so this works...i wonder sometimes, is anybody out there reading it! weird!! \L

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