Monday, November 06, 2006

hi..this will be a quick one..made my way down into the bowels of the \harare bus system terminals, a stretch of 10 blocks square tumbling with vans, buses, cars, cargo, everything and anything that will or could or might carry people, us...while \i am on that subject you climb in praying that there will be a seat at the back, the van, with six rows of benches, each carrying four passengers..if you, and i invariable get stuck in a sidebench at the front, are unlucky, you have to get up and jump out quickly with every bus stop when people from the back squeeze themselves out, you are sitting on each other, literally, sqwished..see \i can't even spell this morning, but looking forward to a great day meeting artists, taking buses everywhere, seeing art in people's work spaces..maybe hearing some home grown music practice, don't know..
it's been aclimbatizing myself...meetings re last week's workshop..setting up another one with youth, 12 to 24 \i am a couple of weeks, assist two workshops on AIDS home care next week.
Gerald asked me the other night about \poverty, what is poverty, it came flooding out, obviously the poverty we think about, lived here, without food, without clean water, housing. But also the poverty of the soul, the spirit, an emptiness people experience who lack passion, a drive for life, for living..the silent scream of lives, whether wealthy or poor, lives lived on the surface, scrambling for meaning, lives dead inside..The high cost of dying\; the govt shut down 21 legal funeral parlours this week, they don't mention why, so the cost of preparation and buriel fees shot up to $200. (US)...exploding in a moonlighting business of undertakers undertaking the business for a mere $20 a pop... they charge $19. for a plot during the week; $24 on weekends.
\just got told i have three minutes to best stop, click the publish button before they wipe it out..
have a great day...miss you all...x\l

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