Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Rainy season crashed down upon the corregated roofing of Section 2 community centre in high density area of Kambuzuma, 30 k west i think of Harare...three weeks late they say, climate change...impossible to hear herbalist fascilitator Mungarwo Magadzire describing HIV AIDS home care, yesterday and today. 20 some participants, most of whom are positive he tells me, tho most of whom haven't come out. He and his wife of 4 years have, big time, having both lost mates to the disease 5 years ago, they found each other. "I am not the teacher; WE teach each other, are you with me?" Charismatic, strong, proud, informed, he weaves and cajols stories and information out into the open. I learned a lot. Primary and secondary caregivers, roles, infections and how to treat them: 95% get diahhrea which we spent half the morning discussing, with cures, to my interest, read my lips. Some brought their babies. I'm holding them, playing with them, missing mine so much. These babies, some too are positive. This disease is so rampant here; it feels like everyone has it, or has a sister, or neice, or someone who has just died. Pandemic. But getting better, from the 90s with 30% diagnosed to now with 18%, tho a rise in "little houses" is uping the stats considerably in the last few months, little houses being the second house of the mistress, or mister finding favours outside the marriage and passing it along. They've just passed a law against child abuse and it seems in retalliation it's growing in leaps, papers screaming with it, plus lots of corruption, court cases, shootings, infants being left in caves..the usual, plus a good dose of info on solar panels, alternative energy - the rise in electrical shortage causing someone to consider.
I did a session on meditation; stress relief, breathing deeply, in and out, in with the healthy positive, out with the toxic. White light. They had never experienced this; some reported that it eliminated heachaches, that they could actually FEEL the inside of their bodies..I'll add this onto my art workshop next week; seemed to do some good...what else...busy, planning workshops, materials, just getting around,half my life is on those buses.

Street scenes: a makeshift table of tin propped up on stacks of brick, carefully piled tomatoes in a pyramid, pieces of ginger, potatoes...pumice stone. LIttle clumps of people selling anything and everything, to anyone who can or will buy. No harassing, no begging, no one lying on the sidewalk, the streets abound with stunning people, high fashion, women, dressed beautifully, with freshly cleaned ironed clothing. Hair is plaited, crocheted, wound, twisted, braided, gorgeous, with bright red tressles dyed or extended, stunning. Most women wear skirts. Simple, unadorned, western clothing, you don't see costumes, traditional wear.
Brian wrote me of the languid pace he experienced in Uganda many years ago; not here, we are rushing always, on and off those crazy buses, squeezing, moving quickly, but with care not to collide; crossing streets with cars racing along on the other side of the road; trained for my life to look right when stepping out, not left, try it, took me three weeks...
A second visit with the twins Monday...with three thick foot long bars of soap for laundry imported from South Africa and a bit wad of paper money, enough to buy milk for 10 weeks; felt good, and again thanks to all of you who have helped out. I know exactly where your money is going and it is a great feeling.

Nine days to go and on to Tanzania a week Friday.
With the spirit medium and ancient village with bushman cave drawings, I can't begin think of leaving Zim, yet.
Hope you are all well, soon...L
PS sorry no pics; the computer with memory is occupied..hopefully next well.

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Suzanne said...

Hi Lynne,
Just imagining what you are seeing is probably not even 1/2 of what you are truly experiencing. Keep going and keep writing.