Monday, December 27, 2010

Thanks to the many people who responded to my last fundraising quest!

You are helping to change the lives of 118 little kids.. all orphaned by HIV AIDS…day by day….with their basic needs: food, medicine, education, clothing, uniforms, staff, shoes….

WE have raised almost $5, in two weeks with more promised…
Remember: every bit counts….

BEFORE: with 28 live in and 25 live out but fully-cared-for by us…$41,000 yr.
NOW: with 60 new kids, 6 new staff….we have skyrocked to $90,000!!

Yes…please read on…we need your help!!
If you missed it, here is my fundraising request!!!

Hi everyone..!!!
Most of you know I have been working in Tanzania for the last five years...with HIV AIDS prevention, orphanages Masai girls education and micro financing.

I am writing to you to ask for support at this giving time of year. WE have an orphanage called MAJENGO (building up) running beautifully, thanks to a lot of your help over the years.

It is a success story and one that I am very happy to be part of...but now, because of its success, we have been asked to take on more kids.

56 more kids, age 4 to 15, all orphaned by HIV AIDS...
It is a huge complement, and a challenge...

We need money for basics: sheets,, towels, mosquito,, uniforms, shoes.
Please read on if you would like to know more...
Have a lovely few weeks, and Happy New Year..

Government stops corruption on safari route!!

Government asks MAJENGO ORPHANAGE to take on 56 new kids!
Yesterday, the government walked in and shut down 5 corrupt orphanages along the safari route!
These were set up as businesses by corrupt directors hauling in hundreds of dollars weekly from unsuspecting tourists.
Two of these directors had criminal records, had been imprisoned with charges of rape and sexual abuse.
Children were kept poor and sick, undernourished, some dripping with HIVAIDS liaisons without medical care.
Safari truck drivers were paid to bring in the tourists.

MAJENGO ORPHANAGE opened March 2008 in the village of MtoWa Mbu,Tanzania, not on the safari route! NO CORRUPTION!!
We found 52 children, orphaned by HIVAIDS on a mud floor collected by neighbours and friends, set up as a day care and renovated a home..
Big thanks to the help of many of you!
Majengo supports 51 kids – food, clothing, medical, education - with a preschool and staff of 10 - beautifully
Up until now Matt McKissock, family and friends, through the Warren Majengo Foundation, in Pennsylvania amazingly supports our yearly budget of $41,000.

Thank you so much!

56 new kids arrived yesterday from the corrupt safari orphanages!!
We moved them into two newly-renovated homes next to Majengo - 24 kids to a house, 2 to a bed.
I am told they are really happy!! Three good meals a day...a safe beautiful environment, with people who love them.
Our needs have become huge. We need clothing, medical needs, food!

I’m hoping to raise $20,000 before VALENTINES DAY!

I am in the process of setting up a registered charity in Canada, which takes up to a year, so I can’t offer you a tax receipt sorry!
What I can offer my absolute promise that 100% of all donations will go straight to supporting these children.

Team Majengo!
I invite you become an intimate hard working part of Majengo....
We are all volunteers; every cent we raise goes straight to the care of the children – there are no middle people…
I would like to put together a group of very interested people to help me..with contacts…setting up speaking events (small groups or large, it is all important!), fundraising….
Please let me know if you are interested, this has become for me the most important and rewarding project I have worked on...

Please help!
In Canada:
Cheques payable to
Lynn Connell
284 Major Street,Toronto, Ont. M5S 2L6

Or for US donations: Where you CAN receive a tax receipt!
Checks payable to Warren Majengo Foundation,
218 Liberty St. Warren, Penn. 16365. USA

thank you!!

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