Monday, December 27, 2010

HI!! Hope you had a great Christmas and holiday...

Below are excerpts from PETER BEGGA… our liaison from ICA TANZANIA…..
I thought you might like to hear it from the people who work directly on the ground…at Majengo:

My explanations in italix!

NOV 22/10
Written before the 67 new kids arrived, when we just had 28 kids living in. with 25 more coming in for preschool everyday:

They are all doing great and working so hard with their classes because they are going to sit for their end of year examination to move to another level of their classes in January.

Greyson and Glory (teachers) are having evening Classes everyday for the primary two and one children to make sure they become the best students in their classes and make Majengo Higher. For the last two years our kids have stood top 10 in Primary School - big thanks to amazing work of Grayson and Glory!

The Catholic Church mission hospital next door is very good - at first we took four kids over there and sister Monica, the clinic officer, treated us so nicely by giving good treatment to our kids on time and all the pills we were given from there. Yesterday we took one kid who was playing football and knocked his thumb with stone. This shows that we are starting good relationship with the Catholic Hospital and in future they will be having a boarding house - this will reduce the cost of transport to our kids to the far hospital.

Staff are all doing well and they are well prepared to receive the new 40 kids. WE thought there would be 40,but there are in fact 60!!!

We cannot tell how many staffs we are going to hire until we have the new kids and can tell how big job it is and how many staff we need - when time is ready we will let you know.

Witness (cleaner) she has somehow recovered - she is training the 3 Masai girls who we have been sponsoring through secondary school, on how to keep the house clean and washing the clothes. They love the Masai girls and said they are hardworking girls and love the children.

Their names are; Mwanahamisi, Aziza and Tatu. They are so happy to be here and they said they are looking forward to write a letter to you to thank you for the good support you gave them.

Audrey the American volunteer girl, she is doing wonderful job here teaching English to our dear staff and older kids, helping cooking and bathing the kids with Witness during the day.

The priest and family in House 2, we have got the house ready for them to move into. I hope this is going to take place this week and start the renovation on house 2 that can be done within this week.

The Government has not yet shut up the orphanages yet - remember we had an election. Most of the officials have been away to different areas of the country and they are now settled. Last Friday I met with Mbasha and he said the process will take place soon. I don’t know how soon it will be because since you were here, I could hear all the time the word soon.

For me, soon will be after I have seen the Kids in.

Matilda (Masai girl who has been working at Majengo) has been given the school fees - she went to school yesterday but I have not heard from her.

DEC 15, 2001:

Dear Lynn and everyone,

I would like to let you that the government leaders came today to Majengo to check for the houses if they are ready.... they did appreciated for the work done and they said tomorrow they are going to bring the children in.. They are going to close the 3 orphanages tomorrow and the other 2 orphanages on friday..

My worry is we don’t have the budget for the coming childen. Denis (govt social worker) is sleeping to my place today and tomorrow I will be working with him for listing the names, ages and class of the children, then later to visit their family for bios...

Yes if possible we need to get more flash light.
RE: the electricity ; all the plans are in place I think you need to contact Charles to give you the figure how much they negociated with the electrician to hook up the 3 houses.

I will let you know what we need when we get the kids in place and see how exactly number of children.

I wish you all the best.
Kind Regards,

DECEMBER 16, 20010
Just spoke to Peter, then Charles...

Yesterday 43 kids from 3 orphanages arrived at Majengo!!!
Yikes!!! I CAN’T imagine how they are handling these numbers…
Primary kids (age 7 and up), put into House 1;
Preschoolers (age 3 to 6) into House 2.
Everyone helping cooks...who are now cooking for our 28 kids, plus these 43. And 12 staff.
Kids brought clothing of sorts.
Home Comfort (formerly Judica territory), angry...”you are taking our kids!” etc.

Limo (Huruma), our former director at the beginning, thankful we have all his kids..
Govt arrested him for keeping kids so poorly,,no toilets, both genders stuffed into one room, food etc... keeping all the money for himself. He has been in jail before for sexual abuse with the children, Martha. Our treasurer, thinks they will imprison him again.

Tomorrow govt moving in to close last 2 orphanages: Could have another 20kids by tomorrow afternoon!!

I am freaking out due to the numbers..we thought there would be 40 tops.
Govt screening children’s guardians next weed out kids who don’t need help. Hopefully we will be down to 40-45 next week.

Mbasha (govt leader), Dennis (govt social worker), police, health officer, legal officer) plus Peter, Killo were there for the shutdown.
Charles says no fear from angry orphanage directors...tho Peter is worried.

I am stressing re staff help...we need more staff, quick!
I don’t want to burn them out. So far Charles says they are fine.
Kerstin and Berndt (Swedish donors) are arriving today, thank Gawd!

Charles is going to make a financial statement re the $2,000 just sent, and the $820. Says there is about 800,000 tsh left from the$2,000. The rest went into renovation of house 2.
There should be enough here to buy utensils and cooking things for the kids...and more..they will keep us posted.

WE need to send over the following to hook up all three houses:
1-for electrical pole for all three houses plus hook up –
TOTAL: $1,618.USD
This money will be accounted for by house owners for further rental time.

Charles will investigate school fees to determine what bonus’ we can offer the staff to help their kids with educational costs. as we did last year.

NEW BOARD, Majengo.
Charles has chosen the most influential and knowledgeable people:
1. Dr. John, Head of HIV AIDS in Monduri district.
2. National Park ,chief warden
3. Catholic priest next door: Vincent Makoha
4. Dr. Felix, head dr of health centre. Kilongoni
5. Mariki...headmistress Manyara secondary school
6. Anna: head director private primary school at Anna Academy where Charles’ son went.
7. 2 influential government reps...

So far so good
I will call Peter and Charles again tomorrow..

DECEMBER 17, 2010
We now have 67 NEW KIDS!!!! Plus our 28!!!!! Total today: 95 KIDS!!

According to Peter...they are very very happy!! They LOVE Majengo – the clean beds, the sheets...the food!! And the washed clothes!! And all that space and kids to play with....!!
He says it is insane, basically.

Peter is the only one left at ICA...Charles and Glory (lawyer are coming back Sunday, thank the Lord!!_Hamidu our driver is there.

Charles gave Hamidu 600,000 tsh ($500 US)....I told Peter to request whatever they needed for new utensils etc...whatever! Charles should have an additional $200. (from the $2,000) and $840 just sent, USD.

Desperate now for new staff.
I told Peter to get Mayunga to get onto 2-3new day staff over the weekend.
Our staff are giving suggestions for whom to hire.
Current Arrangements!

Cleaning: Witness, Glory and 2 Masai – cleaning, washing clothes and kids.
Cooking: Our two cooks, plus 2 Masai, and Martha.
So far it is under control!!!!???

House 1: 28 kids: Witness with 2 Masai girls in House 1.
House 2: 28 kids: Matilda with Eve (Masai) in house 2. (Matilda and Eve both leave in Feb for teacher’s school; they will return and work for us.
Majengo main house: our current 28 kids, plus Peter said 10 more..but that doesn’t add up!

DEC 18, 2010
Right now, today they are coping...for a few days, but soon will need a big boost!!

They are coping.

I have agreed with my uncle to donate the money required for ELECTRICITY hook ups....$1,618. I think it should go through our Warren Majengo Foundation.
Jamie/Jeff...please let me know transfer details...
Jeff please send money through today, I promise to reimburse!!!

Read below – I added some other info onto Peter’s letter re what he wrote and then from out conversation.

Cooking: they have 2new 4 now...having trouble figuring out quantities...88 kids!!
All money Charles gave Hamidu has been spent for food.

Charles coming tomorrow. I will talk to him today.
NEED: 60 utensil kits (plate, spoon, cup) each 3,000 tsch.... $441.000 USD

Clothing: We need at least 2 huge bags of assorted children’s clothing. Cost ? - we are looking into it.

Medical: Peter talked with Sister Monica from Catholic Centre re malaria tests for all kids.

When Charles comes, I am going to get him to arrange for a nurse to give them all HIV AIDS tests.

Security: our guard’s dad died yesterday, of course! He is off to the funeral. Mayunga provided 2 new security guards now.

Masai girls allowances: we have 4 girls who I have been sponsoring through secondary school for the last 4 years:
Eve, Mwanasamisa, Tatu and Aziza. They can work for us December through end of February, 3 months maybe more, depending on their marks which they get in Feb.
The ones who passed will go onto high school, 2; years. The others will go to teacher’s college, or nursing...the ones who failed..well, maybe they will come and work for us.
I have realized that it is not their fault if they fail. Last year only 19% of students passed out of 4th year secondary. The govt has built many new schools, but no teachers or books, etc.

Our Matilda who is wonderful, and was the head girl of the school, didn’t make the marks to go on to high school...but will go to teacher’s college in Feb for one year, and then comeback to us to teach! It is all good.
Allowances: 4 girls @ 50,000 month - $40.USD.(for personal needs, they live at Majengo and eat there). They sleep with the kids, as assistant matrons, do cooking and cleaning. Without them we could not cope!!!

4 girls: 50,000 month = 200,000 ($175USD))month to be added to our budget.
1 boy: There is one very smart boy who I also sponsor. I told Peter he, and all the others who i have sponsored who are finishing 4th form, have to come and help!!
He can do sports with the kids, clean grounds, etc.

Staff Christmas bonus’: Charles is looking into their children’s education needs....we will come up with total soon...last year we gave it to them when I was there in March.

NEW BUDGET: I will talk to Charles when he returns, likely Monday>
WE WILL need to add on food, medical, staff and Masai girls salaries.
EDUCATION: in January, kids 7 and over will be going to Primary. 6 and under will be at our in house PRESCHOOL....
We have to provide uniforms and shoes for them all.

Electricity: Thank you Jeff for sending over the $1,618 USD needed for hooking up all three houses. It is dire that they do it now!
I will mail you a check today as my contribution to this monumental feat!!.....

My gawd!! This is pretty incredible, and I am sure a first. Peter is the only one from ICA there right now, with driver Hamidu...when there is work to be done, PETER is magnificent. Right now he is going full tilt, and I thank him!!!

Good luck in your fundraising!!

DEC 19, 2010
Charles is on the bus now to Mto Wa Mbu.. thank goodness...
Talked to Peter this morning..
They took 55 kids next door to the Catholic church pray...this is great...I hope they can do the same for the Muslim kids as well.

They had just finished lunch:
80 kids, 12 staff (2new cooks), 4 Masai girls...Total: 96!
He said they are having a food crisis...I will talk to Charles in five hours, about money. I want to know where we are at, what they need..
Talked with Matt yesterday, right now we are in survival mode. Jeff he gave me permission to ask you to send whatever necessary to keep us afloat.
This will all settle down as the days go by.
I am going to make a budget with Charles in the next few days...

Grayson caught 4 kids from Judica’s Home Comfort getting romantic (sexual), whatever that means. I think those kids were taught how to have sx, for pornography.
We talked about the importance of working hard on behaviour, that they must conform to our Majengo values.

Our current kids are watching, gawking I am sure!!
Philip is out there making new friends!

Talk soon...have a great Christmas....happy fundraising...xxLynn

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